Peter Washington (yourbrainisgod) wrote,
Peter Washington

Aimless Rant

Live journal's fucking suck. I have no idea why I signed up to this fucking shit community of faggots complaining about how some motherfucker doesn't like them for no reason. What the fuck does it matter to be liked by everyone else. I've been fluctuating through my emotions lately. I'm sick of this feeling, I feel like I shouldn't care. 60 years and I'll be dead, hopefully, I don't want to be a brainless fucking zombie that doesn't know who they are and what the fuck they are doing, when I can't drive I should buy the fastest fucking car I can get and drive at 130 mph constantly, hopefully I'll flip over and die a fucking interesting way. The last minute of my life I'll have the most attention of anyone around me.

I'm not going to kill myself like a fucking loser, I'd rather kill someone else, get a fucking adrenaline rush, then turn myself in, and get killed on death row. There's too many people on the fucking Earth anyway. Most of them being whiny, bitchy, annoying little brats or egotistical morons. FUCK THEM!

No one is going to read this entry, I don't even give a fuck. No one reads my journal, I guess an everyday idiots life is more important or interesting then information which might make you think about something from another person's view.

I want to go back to a time where I didn't care, no drama was relevant. In truth none of it matters, next week there will be a new drama queen/king with an excruciatingly pointless problem. I want to go back to when masturbation was as good as a handjob, when a girlfriend was pointless. A bitch I meet and never talk to again after a couple months isn't worth a thing, compared to the friends I've known for years.

I wish there was a point to all this.
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