Peter Washington (yourbrainisgod) wrote,
Peter Washington

I hate people who make their live journal font and background so that you can't read it without highlighting it. Then after all that they never have anything interesting to say. A good example of this is at this jackass's page right here

What ever happened to the simple black on white. It works in books and newspapers, but not with stupid idiots who want to make their live journals look TOTALLY KEWL! I'd rather them use the cliched red on top of black scheme then the shit-fucked color arrangement they come up with. Good job at making Stevie Wonder feel normal for making other people squint when they try to read stupid shit.

First time I ever encountered one of these live journals I got pissed because I had to highlight everything making me look like an idiot, then when I read the bullshit entries they put up I wanted to smash my face through my computer monitor.

I wish some people would be beaten with barbed-wire bats and put onto a catapult with rocks tied to their feet and launched into a tank filled with pissed off sharks.
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