Peter Washington (yourbrainisgod) wrote,
Peter Washington

20 Essentials to be a commercial 'goth'

1. Wear all black (even in the summer).
2. Cut yourself (this is used for attention in this case).
3. Make up lies about how you attempted to kill yourself.
4. Have interest in martial arts even though you suck at it horribly.
5. Wear stupid shirts that have a Chinese/Japanese symbol on it that would normally have no meaning.
6. Watch anime.
7. Phiosophize about 'The Matrix'
8. Listen to industrial music.
9. Say you hate mainstream bands but listen to Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails.
10. Think you're smart when you really aren't.
11. Think you're creative when you really aren't.
12. Think you're unique when you really aren't.
13. Say people are idiots when they disagree with you (even if their opinion makes more sense).
14. Say that a super computer downloaded information into your brain that makes you smarter than everyone else in the world.
15. Attempt to speak German, and fail at it.
16. Be either bisexual or gay (can't be unique if you're not gay).
17. Play the card game Magic.
18. Pretend to like 'Nightmare Before Christmas' or 'Edward Scissorhands', that's the new fad.
19. Think Tim Burton directed 'Nightmare Before Christmas'.
20. Fondle with my balls.
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