Peter Washington (yourbrainisgod) wrote,
Peter Washington

I hate these stupid, boring, and pointless online personality tests. Really who the fuck cares what kind of dog you are? I know I don't, and if I don't than no one should. Then people have to post these stupid fucking things in their live journals because they want to show off what they are. I'm sure they never lie and put evil over good (or whatever the fuck kind of question they are asking, none of them mean anything) just so they can have a result that makes them look phat. Even then I don't care if some fucking dork's supreme power is turning rats into pigshit. I wonder why no one ever posts results to a IQ Test. Maybe because they got a below average score on an online test that is easy to get a score of 150.

Another thing is people who delete comments on live journal when they are in an argument because they are too stupid that they can't comment back to support their side. It's the same with people who have that fucking screening thing for people who comment on your journal.
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